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You will see a "Download Article (PDF)" link at the top and bottom of each article.

The best way to get a hard copy of an article with sensible pagination, headers, footers and page numbers is to download and print the PDF version (Windows users will need the free Adobe Reader or similar software). The PDF versions are designed for A4 paper - if you are using US Letter, check the print settings in Adobe Reader are set to scale output to fit your paper.

Alternatively The "Print this article" button at the top of each article will switch to a printer-friendly view and display the Print dialogue. If you use this method we can't ensure that that articles print out with perfect pagination for everybody, since font sizes margins and headers/footers vary between browsers (not to mention the differences between US and International paper sizes).

Is a paper version available?


No - currently, Educational Designer is only available in online form from this site.

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For any technical issues, please contact For other enquires, please see the contacts section.

Acknowledgement: The pop-up windows have been implemented using the open-source "ThickBox" utility by Cody Lindley.

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